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Our sophisticated vegetable dicers by Brunner are renown for quality, reliability and longevity and enable chefs to cut a variety of vegetables into an assortment of shapes and sizes including dice, slice, shave, grate, juliennes and brunoise.

The benefits of a Brunner slicer are endless:

• Cube soft and delicate food
• Prepare up to 300 meals a day
• Maintenance free; includes a five-year warranty for motor and gearbox.
• Unique drawing cut ensures vegetable and fruits are not damaged

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SAVE $2,131.50

GSM5 STAR + 2 blades
(F2-2mm fine slice
& BR3-3mm brunoise)
Total RRP $8,431.50
NOW $6,300.00 inc GST

SAVE $1,864.50

GSM5 + 2 blades
(F2-2mm fine slice
& S2-2mm julienne)
Total RRP $7,364.50
NOW $5,500.00 inc GST

Get slicing with this month’s hot deal from Phoeniks. Until May 15 we are cutting the price on the Brunner GSM5 vegetable slicers by a massive 25%!

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