Two of our products are being featured and Phoeniks staff will be present for the four days of the show to answer any questions and demonstrate the products.

Special, show only offers will be available so click on the links below to book an appointment at one of the stands.

Fine Food Australia is only a few weeks away. Held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 12-15 September, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about some great products and ideas. 

The flexibility of the FlexiCombi Team allows you to prepare each component of a complete menu parallel in just one combi steamer. For example, the meat component of a dish can be cooked in the combi steaming mode on top, while vegetables can be steamed at the same time in the bottom chamber.

 The FlexiCombi team is available in various model versions and equipped with features such as the automatic WaveClean cleaning system or the FlexiRack capacity concept. As with all MKN combi ovens, the FlexiCombi Team also comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labour.

MKN has combined variations of the FlexiCombi to create one appliance with two parallel cooking styles, allowing for even more flexibility and versatility within the kitchen.

• Cube soft and delicate food

• Prepare up to 300 meals a day

• Maintenance free; includes a five-year warranty for motor and gearbox.

• Unique drawing cut ensures vegetable and fruits are not damaged

Brunners sophisticated vegetable dicers are renown for quality, reliability and longevity and enable chefs to cut a variety of vegetables into an assortment of shapes and sizes including dice, slice, shave, grate, juliennes and brunoise.

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