Phoeniks collaborates with Clinton McIver on new Armadale venture, Amaru Melbourne

Former Vue de Monde chef Clinton McIver opened the doors earlier this year to his latest venture, a 34-seat ‘contemporary dining’ restaurant in Armadale, known as Amaru Melbourne.

Featuring an open kitchen in an intimate setting, we had the pleasure of providing Clinton and his team with an MKN SpaceCombi oven, an Adventys Induction, Kisag Stick Blender and a Salvis Salamander.

Clinton describes his style as “contemporary Australian” and wants the food at Amaru to be flavour-driven, with style and technique to follow.

The MKN SpaceCombi is the perfect option for more intimate restaurants that still want all the benefits of a modern combi steamer but are limited by space. Featuring a slim width of 55cm, the SpaceCombi still packs a punch and offers astounding capacity, with 6 x 1/1GN in the SpaceCombi Compact and 6 x 2/3 GN in the SpaceCombi Junior.

Clinton says the Adventys Induction is a dream to use and is very sleek, slimline and minimal looking, which ties into the restaurant’s vision of a high-end residential kitchen.

MKN introduces new team player - FlexiCombi Team

After our recent visit to HOST in Milan during October last year, we’re excited to soon be adding MKN’s newest and award-winning cooking chamber to our extensive list of MKN products, the FlexiCombi MagicPilot Team.

MKN has combined variations of the FlexiCombi to create one appliance with two parallel cooking styles, allowing for even more flexibility and versatility within the kitchen.

The flexibility of the FlexiCombi Team allows you to prepare each component of a complete menu parallel in just one combi steamer. For example, the meat component of a dish can be cooked in the combi steaming mode on top, while vegetables can be steamed at the same time in the bottom chamber. 

The FlexiCombi team is available in various model versions and equipped with features such as the automatic WaveClean cleaning system or the FlexiRack capacity concept.

The FlexiCombi Team will be available from Phoeniks in April, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or to place an order.

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