European catering equipment projects for Australian commercial kitchens

Collaborating with some of the worlds top hospitality and foodservice brands over many years in the commercial kitchen industry in Europe, Jacques brings his extensive experience to Australia with Phoeniks, having worked with clients such as Sofitel, Novotel, Tesco and Harrods to name a few.

Phoeniks utilises it's experience and innovative flair to produce outstanding commercial kitchen projects, ranging from start-up restaurants to large-scale commercial kitchens. 

Specialising in premium European commercial kitchen equipment, Phoeniks has become the go-to supplier for long lasting and extremely reliable kitchen equipment in Australia.

Founded by Jacques Morin in 2008, Phoeniks is an energetic and innovative catering equipment company based in Melbourne, Australia. 

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Committed to personal service

Phoeniks strives to deliver superior service and advice to customers at all times.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality of commercial kitchen equipment, paired with service of equal standard. We are hands-on and love meeting clients - working with them to understand how we can provide the right commercial kitchen solution for their needs. 

Our approach provides our customers peace of mind knowing they have premium quality, productive and cost effective hospitality equipment.

Providing the highest quality catering equipment

Phoeniks has carefully assessed the quality of service and expertise from a wide range of commercial cooking equipment suppliers. Phoeniks provides clients with solutions that deliver precision, innovation and value. 

The efforts of our partners enables Phoeniks to ensure that all commercial kitchen equipment supplied is installed and maintained to the highest possible standard.

Our Partners: Leaders in the commercial kitchen equipment industry

The Phoeniks brand has been built upon strong relationships with the leaders in the catering equipment industry. 

Phoeniks prides itself on its strong international business relationships, offering clients more choice from world famous European commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, including MKN, Brunner and GIF ActiveVent and more. 

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