Smoking is taking off! Up in Smoke in Footscray is setting the tone


Oter Project Wrap-Up

We love working on new and exciting projects here at Phoeniks, and one of our most recent projects, Oter was certainly exciting for us. With the Herald Sun recently begging the question ‘Is Oter Melbourne’s best new restaurant?’, it is clear Oter is breaking new ground, and turning heads in the French Food scene in Melbourne.

The interiors of Oter have been stripped back to bare concrete and wood, ensuring the décor doesn’t date as part of any fad or trend, with even the Teppinyaki bar remaining from its previous life as part of Yu-U (a Japanese Restaurant), and stripped back to its natural hardwood Jarrah. In the kitchen you will find that the kitchen reflects the modern, open and efficient style of the restaurant at large.

So, how did the project play out?

Having previously worked with the MKN SpaceCombi and other products by Phoeniks at Melbourne’s Vue de Monde, Head Chef Florent Gerardin believes this brand to be the “very best” in the business due to the modern and precise nature of their equipment.

Smoking seafood has never been easier than with the Helia smoker

Thanks to its unique engineering, the precision and efficiency of the MKN SpaceCombi allows ingredients to cook evenly regardless of their position in the oven. The minimal noise whilst in operation is a welcome feature in Florent’sbustling, open-style kitchen.

Oter has also utilised the Adventys Induction and the Helia Smoker with the latter being the smallest and most efficient of its kind—important for chefs like Florent who will use it to finely smoke more delicate foods like dates and other dried fruits.

The Helia smoker is changing the game for cafes and restaurants.

Florent loves working with us at Phoeniks as much as we love working with him, praising Phoeniks for being a cutting-edge brand who routinely update their products to ensure they meet the increasing demands of some of Melbourne’s most prestigious kitchens.

“There is nothing else on the market which competes with Phoeniks. Their products are perfectly tailored to a high-end kitchen and are the very best in the business. I have tried just about everything else—they are modern, precise and efficient.”

We certainly recommend popping in for some amazing French cuisine next time you are around the Oliver Lane area in the CBD- tell them Phoeniks sent you!

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