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Iconic Roast Chicken Makes Rotisserie Comeback

For most people, growing up in Australia includes fond memories of family trips to the charcoal chicken shop, the familiar aroma, and childhood awe of watching the rotisserie go round.

The iconic roast chicken is making a come-back as rotisserie cooking takes off in kitchens across Australia. Diners are noticing that there is something enchanting about seeing your dinner cooked in front of you, and roast chicken has made a triumphant return to the dinner plates of many Australians, both at home and in the restaurant.

Capitalising on this ever-growing trend, chef and restaurateur Scott Pickett is opening Pickett’s Deli and Rotisserie in the Queen Victoria Market next month, with the deli, restaurant and wine bar serving roast chicken daily. Nearby at the Prahran Market, Paul Wilson is preparing to open Wilson and Merchant – a chicken shop and restaurant.

Keeping in tradition of charcoal chicken shops around Australia, rotisserie cooking is the perfect combination of tradition and trend; something ever present in the new wave of restaurants and kitchens serving these delicious bird-based creations.

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Meanwhile up north, Jupiter Casino’s new Garden Kitchen and Bar features a Cuisines Designs Commercial Rotisserie, with the restaurant revolving around a lush setting and open kitchen.“The Cuisines Design Rotisserie is a centerpiece, and the first thing that our diners see when they glance into the open kitchen. It also adds a great theatrical element to the experience for our guests,” says Executive Chef Dustin Osuch.

Rotisserie cooking is a simple technique creating slow-roasted, herbed protein dishes that delight. Some even argue that it’s fast food at its finest - with the quick rotisserie to plate time allowing restaurants to service many customers per evening.

The Cuisines Design Rotisserie combines 30 years of experience building traditional commercial rotisseries with French-style designs that suit the individual needs and requirements of each commercial kitchen.

The Helia smoker is changing the game for cafes and restaurants.

According to the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, 90 per cent of Australia’s population are eating chicken at least once a week, so it comes as no surprise that restaurants are hopping on board the rotisserie and moving away from traditional flattened, breaded chicken.

Sydney restaurants including No 1 Bent Street, Hubert and The Paddington have all stepped onto the roast chicken trend creating must-order dishes. It’s impossible to deny the appeal of rotisserie style roast chicken, whether from the local Charcoal Chicken shop, or from one of the many new restaurants opening.

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