Are you looking to purchase a new meat slicer? The DADAUX Meat Slicers are the only slicers in Australia to be constructed entirely from stainless steel, providing ultimate hygiene in your commercial kitchen.

The DADAUX Major Slice 350 is a unique slicer and is gear driven for greater longevity. Featuring a precision slice thickness regulator (0 to 20mm) you can slice your meat with accuracy every single time.

The DADAUX MS350 comes in either a manual or automatic option. The MS350 Manual requires you to move the trolley in front of the blade yourself, whereas the MS350 Auto slides the trolley in front of the blade automatically. The MS350 Auto can be used in either manual or automatic mode.

Designed to resist corrosion, the meat slicer is water resistant and can be easily cleaned with a low pressure hose. The DADAUX MS350 also features a removable sharpener with simultaneous roller movement for perfect grinding.

This sale is for a limited time only or while stock lasts.

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