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Newsletter December 2018

The Phoeniks Xmas Sale 

means you can open your presents early!

Phoeniks is once again offering big discounts on some great European kitchen equipment, 

with delivery before Christmas guaranteed. 

This means you can tear off the wrapping and get to work straight away, 

in time for the Christmas crowds. 

 With discounts of up to 33% even Scrooge would approve.

Product BJ997346
• Precise cooking and holding cabinet
• Easy to use, plug-in single phase
• One degree precision
• Can be used anywhere
• Great for low temperature, overnight cooking, sous-vide, resting meat

Product SA373211 

• Accessible from 3 sides 

• Plate detection system: 70% energy reduction 

• Instant heat 

• Great for cheese melts, gratin, browning

Product GL1-1500
• Easy to use, plug-in single phase
• Speed and precision of induction
• Reliability of European manufacturer
• Can be used anywhere
• Great for pastry, sugar, tempering chocolate, outside catering

Product 2401
• Easy to use, plug-in single phase
• Space saver, no bigger than a micro-wave
• Can be used anywhere
• Multi-functional: oven and smoker
• Reduced cooking time
• Great for Xmas hams, fish, seafood, sausages…

Click here to find out more. 

Offer lasts until stock is sold out.

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