Big EOFY Savings on New Smoker Range

These prices valid until  30th June 2017

The Helia Smoker offers an electrical pressure chamber grill and smoking oven suitable for every type of kitchen, from professional, semi-professional or private. Distributed exclusively through Phoeniks, the Helia Smoker offers both hot and cold smoking in two size options. The versatile appliance can even be used on campsites, behind delis or at farmers markets.

The electrical smoker doesn’t require an extract fan or hood and is as easy to use as plugging it in. The double shell construction is fully insulated, which allows for short pre-heating times with minimal heat loss and means the oven runs without electricity for nearly 60% of the cooking time.

Produced in Germany, the Helia Smoker is used by first class chefs around the world and is available in over 80 countries.

Making the leap into smoking food for smaller restaurants and cafés is often impossible. In-house authentic smoking is messy and costly, requiring specific ventilation and generous space for installation.

The Helia Smoker range from Phoeniks changes all this. Our special EOFY pricing means that adding a smoker to your kitchen is now a practical and affordable option.

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