MEIKO - Your chance to clean up!

Phoeniks are excited to announce that MEIKO dishwashers have nowjoined our stable of quality European food service equipment. MEIKO are renowned for their UPster commercial dishwashing range thatcombines state of the art, labour saving technology with outstanding,super efficient performance – all in a space saving, get it done, package.

UPster undercounter machines

The UPster is our entry level dishwashing range, compact and competitively priced.

What others call features, Meiko call standard;

• Double skinned and fully insulated machine for quiet operation and substantial reductions in electrical consumption

• Exclusive soft start feature starts the wash pump slowly and gradually builds water pressure, protecting your fragile glassware from shifting or breaking

• Pumped final booster rinse giving perfect rinsing results

• Pump out drain as standard for easy installation

UPster H500 pass-through machine

With the UPster H500 MEIKO have delivered an easy-to-use, economical and energy efficient dishwasher that provides the operator with a trusted and internationally accepted concept, outstanding performance and low running costs.

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