September Fine Food Sydney

See us at Fine Food Sydney

Stand HA15 - Hall 7

Fine Food Australia returns to Sydney from 11-14 September for its biggest show yet. Being held at the new ICC Sydney, Fine Food Australia is a showcase of the latest food, drinks, ingredients and equipment for food service and retail businesses. 

Phoeniks will be part of the action at Stand HA15 in Hall 7.

This year we have some great new products to demonstrate, including the new energy-saving ecoAZUR system for ventilated ceilings from GIF ActiveVent. We also have our regular best sellers on the stand, the FlexiCombi Team from MKN, ADVENTYS Induction tabletop modules and Hot Boxes from Tournus. We look forward to seeing you there. 

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Save energy with the ecoAZUR from GIF

Operations in commercial kitchens result in heat and/or vapours. ecoAZUR, powered by GIF, relies on both optical and thermal sensors to detect these two significant factors and automatically adjusts the ventilation airflow accordingly.

This efficient kitchen ventilation continually ensures optimal air quality while saving energy. Suitable for extraction hoods, ventilated ceilings, restaurant systems Individual customization to any type of kitchen is possible.

MKN has combined variations of the FlexiCombi to create one appliance with two parallel cooking styles, allowing for even more flexibility and versatility within the kitchen.

The flexibility of the FlexiCombi Team allows you to prepare each component of a complete menu parallel in just one combi steamer. For example, the meat component of a dish can be cooked in the combi steaming mode on top, while vegetables can be steamed at the same time in the bottom chamber.

The FlexiCombi team is available in various model versions and equipped with features such as the automatic WaveClean cleaning system or the FlexiRack capacity concept.

The FlexiCombi Team from MKN

ADVENTYS Induction tabletop modules

Our range of induction technology is some ofthe best in the world, with the unique flat grill plancha model our best selling product. Offering a slimline and sleek appearance, Adventys induction technology is powerful and efficient, creating a safer and more economical kitchen and reducing energy consumption by 60-80%.

TOURNUS ROLL'Service Hot Boxes

Thanks to its programmable hygrometric regulation, ROLL'Service means the chef can put his/her talent to good use while ensuring the best food preservation conditions for irreproachable presentation in the plate. With ROLL'Service, the flavour and moistness of the products are remained unaltered until the moment they are enjoyed.

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