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Newsletter April 2019

Instant Asset Write-Off increases to $30,000

Additional Phoeniks EOFY discounts mean there’s never been a better time to invest in new appliances for your business  -  Click on the links below to find out more.

The 2019 Federal Budget included a tasty morsel for businesses with revenues up to $50m - an increase of the Instant Asset Write-Off from $20,000 to $30,000. They can access the write-off more than once and access it right now.

That’s great news for a foodservice business that needs a new piece of equipment. Phoeniks has a great range of premium European appliances in stock ready to go.

MKN Combi Ovens

MKN Combi Ovens

MKN Combi Ovens

MKN Combi Ovens

• Easy to use operating system - as easy as your smartphone
• More than 50% additional capacity with FlexiRack vs. GN 1/1
• Favourite cooking processes can be stored & selected on the start display
• Cooking chamber door with insulated triple glazing reduces energy usage

MKN Combi Ovens


 Heavy duty construction fully stainless steel
• Wide range from 5 GN1/1 up to 40 GN1/1
• Easy to clean thanks to curved surfaces and press-drawn sliders
• Precise humidification control
• Easy loading thanks to door opening 270degrees
• Glass or solid door
• 2-year warranty parts and labour
• Easy maintenance

BRUNNER vegetable cutters

Brunners sophisticated vegetable dicers are renown for quality, reliability and longevity and enable chefs to cut a variety of vegetables into an assortment of shapes and sizes.

• Cube soft and delicate food
• Prepare up to 300 meals a day
• Maintenance free; includes a 5 year warranty for motor and gearbox.
• Unique drawing cut ensures vegetable and fruits are not damaged

ADVENTYS induction modules

• Easy to use, plug-in single phase
• Speed and precision of induction
• Reliability of European manufacturer
• Can be used anywhere
• Great for pastry, sugar, tempering chocolate, outside catering

HELIA smokers

• Easy to use, plug-in single phase
• Space saver, no bigger than a micro-wave
• Can be used anywhere
• Multi-functional: oven and smoker
• Reduced cooking time
• Great for Xmas hams, fish, seafood, sausages...

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