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Newsletter December 2020

Changing steam, grease and odours into clean air -
magic or science?

Actually, it’s a bit of both. 

The MKN SpaceCombi MAGIC Team is equipped with MagicHood - a self condensation hood with 4 layers of filters and certified as compliant to AS1668.2-2012. It can be operated anywhere: no steam, grease or odour will escape during cooking.

It’s a great opportunity for show cooking, cooking in front of customers in Petrol stations, cafes, restaurants, convenient stores, meeting rooms…no extraction or hood is needed.

Phoeniks offers TheMKN SpaceCombi MAGIC Team along with its teammate, the MKN SpaceCombi Team. Both have magical ability of fitting 2 ovens, with 6 trays each, into a space only 55cm wide.

Both units feature:
- Two separate cooking chambers, while one
  chamber is steaming, the other can be baking
- 12 trays (2 x 6 GN1/1) with a width of just 55 cm
- Hygienic cooking chamber door with closed 
  triple-pane glazing
- MagicPilot touchscreen operating panel
- Self-cleaning, using just one sealed, two-in-one, 
  cleaning cartridge
- Both products are backed up by Phoeniks 
  renowned technical support, with our 
  3 year warranty on parts and labour.

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           03 8672 0254

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