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Newsletter May 2020

Introducing the Anliker L - the biggest thing in vegetable slicers since the Anliker GSM5

Brunner have taken everything you liked about the Anliker GSM5 and dialled it up a notch with the new Anliker L. At a time where hygiene is important, this machine is the best tool for healthy food, hygienic kitchens and the fight against bacteria - vital in aged care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

• Dishwasher save and HACCP friendly due world-first, high tech glass fibre material

• High capacity output of up to 220 kg per hour

• Almost 50 different slicing options in outstanding cutting quality

• Worlds first patented antimicrobial and HACCP-friendly cutting disks made from corrosion resistant compound glass fibre - more hygiene, more yield, more profit

• No oxidation and deformation of the glass fibre disks in the dishwasher

• 100% maintenance & service-free induction motor and gear unit for reliable operation

• Five year warranty on motor and gearbox

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