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Product Update - October 2018

The Phoeniks range of TOURNUS Hot and Cold Boxes ensure your hot and cold food is always safely maintained at the correct temperature. By the time they are served, your dishes always look and taste the way your kitchen intended.

The Roll'Service hot boxes and Roll'Fresh cold boxes are ideal for function centres, hotels, caterers, aged care and health care facilities.

Features include:
Heavy duty construction fully stainless steel
Wide range from 5 GN1/1 up to 40 GN1/1 Hot and cold boxes
Easy to clean thanks to curved surfaces and press-drawn sliders
Precise humidification control
Easy loading thanks to door opening 270degrees
Low emission thanks to R134A (cold boxes)
Glass or solid door
2-year warranty parts and labour
Easy maintenance

TOURNUS Roll'Service Hot boxes

TOURNUS Roll'Fresh Cold boxes

TOURNUS Roll'Service Hot boxes

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