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Newsletter September 2021

Announcing the Phoeniks
Preventative Maintenance Contract

At Phoeniks we supply products that work as hard and productively as you do.  Regular maintenance ensures that your equipment runs at maximum performance and increase its longevity.

All kitchens require reliable, fully functional equipment all year round - maximise your food production and output with Preventative Maintenance.

• Easy - two in one cleaner and rinse
• Safe - sealed with wax to prevent exposure to hands & eyes
• Measured quantities per wash cycle • Clean - thorough cleaning which is impossible to reach using hand showers
• Recirculation system - save water when cleaning
• Automatic cleaning without wasting staff time and wages

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The environmental advantage

• A well maintained product will last longer with less wear & tear.

• Uses less energy and water to run
• Extend the life of your appliance
• Less landfill

• Reduction of breakdowns over the lifetime of the equipment

• Consistent cooking results
• Feedback on usage/operation of equipment - reporting of operational faults
• Fixed price and additional discount on consumables

BENEFITS of Regular Maintenance

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