Adventys: Induction cooking modules

Adventys is a company based in Burgundy, France that develops, manufactures and markets professional induction equipment for the food industry around the world.

Adventys is an independent company, and is big enough to have high ambition, but small enough to be flexible and create custom-made or bespoke projects. 100% of the production process takes place in the heart of Adventys factory in Burgundy, France.

At Phoeniks, we are working on broader distribution of Adventys induction technology within Australia. Adventys delivers A-quality equipment and Phoeniks is proud of this collaboration!

The benefits of working with Adventys induction are;
- Economically sound cooking,
- Super-fast temperature at minimum power,
- Saving energy,
- Temperature accuracy,
- More comfort in your kitchen;
- Easy to clean,

- Better general safety

Clinton McIver, Chef and Owner Amaru Restaurant

Melbourne, Victoria

“When designing the kitchen for Amaru Melbourne, I needed equipment that was going to very efficient and having used induction technology before at Vue de Monde, I had a good idea of what I wanted. The Adventys Induction is a dream to use and is very sleek, slimline and minimal looking, which ties into the restaurant’s vision of a high-end residential kitchen.”

Corey King, Technical Advisor, Puratos Australia-New Zealand

Sydney, New South Wales

"The Adventys GL 1500 Pastry is a vital part of equipment in the Puratos innovation centre - small, compact, portable and easy to use! It is very quick to boil water but can be precise enough to melt chocolate without a bain-marie, which really surprised me. I can’t speak highly enough of the GL 1500 Pastry and the huge impact it has made in the Puratos innovation centre and on a personal level in the way I work."

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