Brunner food processors: Commercial vegetable slicers

Phoeniks supplies the highest quality food processors developed  by Brunner in Switzerland. 

  • Swissbidone Cutter: combination machine with patented 'easy swing' mechanism

Citrus juicer / bowl cutters

  • M8 - up to 350 Kg/hour

Coffee grinders

  • IR250 - up to 2 tons/hour

Cheese and nuts grating, shredding machines

  • Anliker GSM5 - up to 300 meals a day
  • Anliker XL - up to 1,000 meals a day
  • Anliker Multicut - over 1,000 meals a day; up to 600 kg/hour

Commercial vegetable dicers

Swiss based Brunner developed the world's first automatic vegetable cutting machine in the 1960s - the BRUNNER ANLIKER. Since then, Brunner has developed innovative foodservice technologies, creating a range of world leading food processors and sophisticated commercial vegetable dicers. 

Commercial vegetable slicers designed by Brunner enable chefs to cut all types of vegetables in all different sizes and shapes. 

Brunner's commercial vegetable slicers are renown for quality, reliability and longevity.

Steven Marks, GUZMAN Y GOMEZ
Surry Hills, New South Wales

'Our chefs need a reliable, powerful, time efficient and safe tool to help them meed our fresh food demands. The Brunner Anliker GSM 5 exceeds our expectations. It is reliable and robust, offering a consistent and precise slice every time. 

Pleasingly, the Brunner Anliker GSM 5 blades retain their sharpness and also meet our food safety guidelines. The Brunner Anliker GSM 5 is easily one of my favourite peices of equipment in our Guzman y Gomez kitchen. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending it to others.'

South Brisbane, Queensland

"We would like to thank you so much for all the care you have taken to provide excellent service in purchasing our new Brunner Anliker GSM5 vegetable cutting machine. Stephen said that he never even felt like this when he bought his first car when he was 18. Your machine has saved us days of hand prep and now it's all done in half an hour. I highly recommend you all and your company to any establishment as being better than the Rolls Royce in kitchen machinery. Pure excellence."

Surry Hills, New South Wales

"I recently used the Anliker vegetable cutting machine from BRUNNER for "Taste of Sydney". It allowed me to serve 2,000 portions of our signature trout dish, which would otherwise have been impossible. For anyone requiring quality vegetable preparation and volume, this is it."

Pierrick Boyer, RACV City Club - Le Petit Gateau
Melbourne, VIC

"The Swissbidone is reliable, versatile, well designed and made, and easy to clean It's a great investment. Sure I will get more equipment from PHOENIKS when in need."

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