Brunner: vegetable cutting machines with Swiss quality

A company known worldwide for its fantastic commercial vegetable slicers

With more than 90 employees and boasting distributors in more than 20 countries around the word, Brunner commercial vegetable cutting machines are designed to do more than 50 styles of slicing.

Featuring a range of different cutting blades, Brunner machines' brilliant cut system enables vegetables to remain fresh and appetising after being cut and minimises any damage. Brunner vegetable slicers have become an essential component for commercial kitchens over the last 10 years.

By linking the product development and construction division with the manufacturer, Brunner is able to manufacture commercial vegetable slicers of remarkable quality, with the customer's needs always top of mind.

With all vegetable slicers manufactured in southern Switzerland, Brunner employees are equipped with the latest technologies to design commercial vegetable slicers with modern operating means. This results in all parts of every vegetable cutting machine to be controlled meticulously and assembled in-house, resulting in a product of utmost quality.

The Anliker Brand: an innovative vegetable cutting machine

Dating back to the early sixties, the world's first vegetable cutting machine 'Anliker' is acknowledged as putting the Brunner name in the spotlight. The development of 'Anilker' forged the way for a wide range of commercial vegetable slicers for cutting various types of food to be developed and in 2001, Brunner was awarded the 'World's Best Vegetable Chopping Aplliance.'

Brunner has used the brand name 'Anliker' since 1964 for a range of vegetable cutting machines and today, the Brunner Anliker GSM Five is one of the most famously distributed catering equipment world-wide. By offering products that are both reliable and perform to a high standard, Brunner has reached a worldwide leading position.


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