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Cuisines Design commercial kitchen equipment includes a wide range of products: electric or gas commercial rotisserie (for professionals)- electric, gas, wood fire rotisserie - barbecue – grilling and steam room furniture. Not only does Cuisines Design sell commercial rotisseries, but they can also condition them. Phoeniks and Cuisines Design boast a long and successful partnership, which has enabled us to please many Australian restaurants with the privilege of owning such high quality commercial rotisseries.

An extensive range of commercial kitchen products

Cuisines Design employees have more than 30 years of experience building traditional commercial rotisseries. Each rotisserie is manufactured individually and custom-tailored according to customers needs. Cuisines Design's philosophy is to keep tradition and hand-crafted know-how when it deals with designing and manufacturing custom-built commercial rotisseries.Cuisines Design exports its rotisseries to many countries around the world including Switzerland, United States of America, Australia and Japan.

Manufacturing commercial rotisseries: tradition and know-how

We supply commercial rotisserie ovens made "à la Française"!

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A family owned company, Cuisines Design designs and manufactures French-style commercial rotisseries. Handcrafted from start to finish, each Rotisserie is unique. Working to a traditional 30 year old process, Cuisines Design uses only the highest quality components to ensure the quality and longevity of all commercial rotisseries.

Cuisines Design develop custom designed commercial rotisseries to suit the individual needs and requirements of your commercial which offer you the choice of cooking all types of meats, including fish.

Cuisines Design develop custom designed commercial rotisseries to suit the individual needs and requirements of your commercial kitchen.

Philippe Mouchel
Melbourne, Victoria

“The commercial rotisserie from French manufacturer CUISINES DESIGN that we bought from PHOENIKS is the masterpiece of my new kitchen and is a source of permanent inspiration for new dishes. Spit roasting, with its gentle cooking and self-basting is for me the father of slow cooking. I appreciate with PHOENIKS very much their sense of customer service. I would highly recommend to work with PHOENIKS.”

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