Dorégrill French Rotisseries

We supply commercial rotisserie ovens made 'à la Française'!

Thanks to our partnership with Dorégrill , Phoeniks brings to Australia an extensive range of rotisseries as well as innovative concepts: solutions to cook and present roast chickens attractively or develop complete “grab and go” offerings. All our Dorégrill rotisseries are nationally certified according to the Australian Standards. 

The Dorégrill family business has been designing and manufacturing rotisserie ovens just outside Nantes, France since 1963 and continues to grow to meet the needs of customers.

Modernised in 2016 the factory is built around an intelligent and high-performance production circuit.

All Dorégrill products are the result of continuing innovation and close collaboration and constant dialogue with clients, resulting in a range of high-performance, modern equipment.

Dorégrill's quality policy has resulted in products featuring: quality materials (porcelain enamel, brass and stainless steel), carefully honed design, variety of colour schemes, high-quality finish, motors and components which are selected for their high performance. Dorégrill also offers a choice of different capacities, energy sources and equipment personalisation, making the user's life that much easier. 

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