Dadaux: Stainless Steel Slicers

We supply MS350 slicers manufactured by DADAUX.

With more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, French partner DADAUX manufacture their own machines on a completely controlled assembly line, allowing the manufacturing process to deliver a premium product in a timely and efficient environment. Also boasting a large shop of spare parts, DADAUX complement their machines by offering customers an after-sales service.

A subsidiary of DADAUX - DADAUX Gastrotech – is dedicated to the production, marketing and development of an entirely stainless steel slicer range out of a charming French city, Poligny.

Phoeniks is proud to distribute three of DADAUX Gastrotech meat slicers, including the MS350 manual and MS350 semi-auto, all which hold the title of being the only entire stainless steel slicer in Australia. Produced as such, these unique slicers are gear driven for a higher longevity and are also water resistant. Slicing is a breeze with the DADAUX Gastrotech slicers, boasting a precise 0 to 20mm. 

Phoeniks distribute the unique range of full stainless steel DADAUX meat and ham slicers: the Gravinox 300, MS350 and MS350-Automatic. 

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