GIF ActiveVent: Ventilated ceiling

Phoeniks supplies state-of-the-art ventilated ceilings made in Germany.

Filtering air through patented cassettes, GIF´s unique demountable ventilated ceiling guarantees a quiet, hygienic and comfortable atmosphere in every commercial kitchen.

During service, catering professionals have acknowledged the vital role the GIF ActiveVent ventilated ceiling plays in providing better working conditions, including the absence of distracting noise and the discomfort of draughts.

A GIF ActiveVent ventilated ceiling enables a cleaner, healthier and safer workspace, thanks to the 100% protection against fire penetration. The advantages of the GIF ActiveVent ventilated ceiling include:

  • Draught-free fresh air supply
  • Easy cleaning of cassettes in commercial dishwashers
  • Simple installation and removal of cassettes
  • Optimum hygiene
  • Durability of stainless steel

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