Gif ActiveVent: Ventilated ceilings for commercial kitchens

Innovative ventilated ceilings for large scale commercial kitchens

Gif ActiveVent is a leading European organisation providing innovative extraction systems and ventilated ceilings to catering businesses, hotels and restaurants, and institutions such as business premises, public buildings, shopping centres and sport areas.

Founded in 1976, the company's main expertise has been developing and producing individual extractors and ventilated ceilings, which can be used in all types of large scale catering institutions.

With quality being the driving force of the business, GifActiveVent's ventilated ceilings are designed and manufactured in Germany and adhere to all DIN norms and VDI guidelines.

A complete wall-to-wall solution for commercial kitchens

Each individual component of a Gif ActiveVent ventilated ceiling undergoes a complete testing program before being produced and assembled by exclusive partners. The Gif ActiveVent ventilated ceiling offers a complete solution for commercial kitchens including noise reduction, jet-stream extraction and design solutions in front-cooking and guarantees an atmosphere without draught or condensation problems. Gif ActiveVent ventilation systems also include infill panels, air-vents and lighting.

Thanks to a fully reversible construction, Gif ActiveVent's unique module system offers hygiene and transparency of the greatest quality. The individual components of the ventilated ceiling can be easily detached from the ceiling structure so that you can clean it in a dish-washing machine.

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