Kisag: Stick blenders and HotWhip

A family business with tradition

With generations of Swiss people cooking, preparing andblending ingredients using Kisag products, it is no surprise that the Kisag name is synonymous with good quality and useful inventions, forging its identity in Switzerland as a well known and respected brand. 

Producing kitchen equipment and appliances for Gastronomy since 1945 in Bellach, Solothurn, Kisag is known as a leader within the hospitality industry. Due to other technologies in the gastronomy field being in their infancy at the time, Kisag was able to succeed in developing new features with ingenuity and pioneering achievements.

The family business is now run by a second-generation representative, Urs Brüngger, with Phoeniks proud to be the Australian distributor for the full range of stick blenders, as well as HotWhip – a must for every kitchen in the world.

Corey King, Technical Advisor, Puratos Australia-New Zealand

Sydney, New South Wales

"Just wanted to say how amazing the Kisag 8220 stick blender works it has changed my life. Slow start up speed is like nothing I have used before. I highly recommend the kisag 8220 to anyone working in a kitchen that is looking for a tough, precises and  reliable stick bender”

Philippe Leban, Chef, The Source - Moorilla Estate
Berriedale, Tasmania

"This machine is fantastic! I used it on several occasions and different recipes, for example "creme patissiere". The way it processes the ingredients makes my sauces and creams vibrant and shiny. What I like about HotWhip is the numerous uses I can make of it: mousses, creams, sabayons, Anglaise..."

Drew Bolton, Executive Chef
Sydney, New South Wales

"HotWhip is fantastic!"

Kruno Velican, Executive Chef HILTON SYDNEY
Sydney, VIC

"I use HotWhip mostly for Hollandaise sauce, but we also made Zabaglione in a few occasions. I am happy with the machine. It is easy to use, robust, easy to clean."

Klaus Lemm, Chef & Owner, FRENCHY'S BISTRO
Melbourne, VIC

"My new KISAG stick blender is a great tool. Thanks to it, I could recently do the best lobster bisque I have done for years. Easy to clean, easy to use. I highly recommend it!"

Shannon Kellam, Chef and owner Montrachet (Brisbane). Australian contestant for BOCUSE D'OR 2015
Brisbane, Queensland

"Anglaise with HotWhip: Result is thick, creamy texture, no chance of splitting, no chef standing at the stove for 20 minutes. PERFECT!!!"

Ian Young, Managing Director, Mexican Express
Adelaide, SA

"Yes, we are very happy with the KISAG stick blender. Typically, it runs constantly for 3 hours to puree fresh coriander in buckets with a small amount of water. So far so good. Switch set up works very well."

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