MKN: Combi ovens and modular commercial kitchens

MKN Standard range Optima 700/ Optima 850

MKN also have a wide range of standard cooking equipment, including:

  • Gas and electric combi ovens
  • Griddles
  • Commercial induction cookers
  • Commercial kettles
  • Bratt pans
  • Deep fat fryers and more

MKN’s NEW FlexiCombi MagicPilot Team

MKN has combined variations of the FlexiCombi to create one appliance with two parallel cooking styles, allowing for even more flexibility and versatility within the kitchen. The flexibility of the FlexiCombi Team allows you to prepare each component of a complete menu parallel in just one combi steamer.

NEW combi ovens: MKN FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi

The advantages of an MKN stove are endless, with the ease of operation as easy as using a smart phone.

  • Touch and slide operation
  • 50% more capacity than any other oven thanks to Flexirack
  • Three year parts and labour warranty

Modular commercial kitchens: MKN KuchenMeister and OptimaMeister

Ergonomically attractive and technically sophisticated, every KUCHENMEISTER is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. With the flexibility to be configured in almost any shape or size, the KUCHENMEISTER and OptimaMeister integrates everything in to what can only be described as the perfect workspace.

MKN FlexiChef: innovative pressure bratt pans

The premium independent manufacturer and German market leader in cooking technology, MKN sets new standards in the world's commercial kitchens. MKN combi ovens and commercial kitchen ranges are used by facilities of all sizes, from high class catering businesses and international hotel chains to boutique restaurants.

The multifunctional commercial cooking innovation: fast and flexible. With the new FlexiChef, MKN presents an absolute world premiere. This new multifunctional product line is the consequent and innovative continuation of MKN's customer focus and sets new standards in commercial cooking technology.

James Viles, Chef / Director, Biota Dining
Bowral, New South Wales

“Our modular commercial kitchen MKN Kuchenmeister is 'hands down' the best, most precise piece of German engineering I have ever used. From design phase to fit out phase MKN and Phoeniks were extremely professional and knowledgeable about their commercial kitchen equipment, they advised in all areas and provided us with a custom made all in one unit that is second to none. Our MKN Compact Pro Combi oven is stunning, it has every setting a combi oven these days should have as well as being easy to use. I could not imagine another commercial kitchen without the services and expertise of Phoeniks and MKN - true pioneers in leading catering equipment.”

Philippe Leban, Chef, The Source - Moorilla Estate
Berriedale, Tasmania

“The commercial kitchen range MKN Kuchenmeister is more than just a cook top and stove. It is a piece of catering equipment that permits us to cook with a level of accuracy that would be hard to achieve on anything else, it is both powerful and gentle, whatever you need it performs as I have always wanted but never had. It's a revelation.”

Nicolas Poelaert, Chef
Melbourne, VIC

“Phoeniks was very easy to deal with when we first started our business, the service and response were very efficient. I have an MKN Combi oven in my commercial kitchen, it’s one of the best investments I have made for my customers, easy to use with a consistent result. I wouldn't change my combi oven for any other brand.”

Jan Gundlach, Food & Beverage Manager Pialligo Estate
Canberra, ACT

"Of course I'm bias, I used MKN catering equipment when I started my apprenticeship 30+ years ago. Most of my colleagues in Germany fire up their commercial kitchens with MKN catering equipment. Their Combi ovens are our preferred tool to provide precision in cooking. It's the Audi R8 of ovens, why would I settle for less?"

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