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Aspiring for perfection in the delivery of commercial kitchens

MKN is focused on innovation and perfection, striving to deliver the best catering equipment to customers. Their certified first class quality management system ensures that customers receive reliable and long-lasting catering equipment and thanks to their unique management system, MKN developed a strategy for improving and monitoring the safety, quality and environmental standards of every piece of catering equipment.

The Wolfenbüttel plant is still active today, boasting an area size of 80,000 square metres and is equipped with the latest technologies to produce the highest quality catering equipment. With approximately 450 employees, MKN staff are devoted to designing and manufacturing catering equipment that meet each customer's individual requirements. 

MKN's goal is to be a reliable and long-term partner to customers, the workforce and the environment and by focussing on excellence, MKN has reached international success.

A wide range of quality products: combi ovens, bratt pans, kettles etc.

Boasting a wide range of quality products, including combi ovens, bratt pans and kettles, MKN is able to deliver an extensive range of commercial products worldwide. The Küchenmeister commercial kitchen range for example features gas and electric combi ovens, commercial induction cookers, pressure bratt pans and jacketed kettles. Phoeniks’ most popular MKN products include Hansdampf combi ovens, pressure bratt pans, jacketed kettles (OptimaExpress, Optima 700 and Optima 850) and Küchenmeister.

HANSDAMPF combi ovens are reliable and hi-tech ovens, combining various food preparation methods and environmentally friendly components, while boasting an ease of operation.

A study conducted by MKN revealed that top chefs around the world enjoy the incredible efficiency and reliability a combi oven offers.

The OptimaExpress range, bratt pans and commercial kettles include the latest technologies that enable chefs to achieve the best and fastest results, including shorter cooking times, improved food quality and flexibility.

Furthermore, most of MKN catering equipment pieces are equipped with intelligent and easy-to-use pilot systems, meaning every employee can use it in any commercial kitchen.

In a nutshell, MKN is a world famous catering equipment builder that is highly focused on innovation. Their unique quality catering equipment has pleased many chefs globally, with MKN being a staple in many commercial kitchens.

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