Salvis catering equipment

Hold O Mat.The precise, economical warming oven

Hold O Mat catering equipment keeps food warm with precise temperature and humidity control, enhancing the quality of meat dishes in particular. Products developed by kitchen professionals for commercial kitchens

The mobile Fresh & Smart front cooking station

Mobile, practical and odourless, Smartline cooking units allow you to cook near the customer without an extraction hood.

Vitesse Salamanders

The rapid highlight heating system, all-round accessibility, the plate detection system and the programmability are what make the Vitesse from Salvis a successful choice.

The Vitality Pressure Steamer

Innovative, high quality, Salvis commercial cooking equipment is the choice of leaders in the catering industry.

Perfect results in record time, yet gentle, healthy and versatile. The Vitality is a piece of commercial cooking equipment that steams up to 400 vegetable portions per hour using minimal water and energy, The Vitality's unique features, such as the built-in water softener, heat exchanger, core temperature sensor and 99 user-programs make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

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