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Corporate philosophy: Smart cooking equipment for satisfied customers

Salvis is a producer of commercial cooking equipment for restaurants and catering industries, ensuring their catering equipment meets the highest standards and demands of customers.Their extensive range of products include pressure steamers, commercial kitchen ranges, combi ovens and deep fat fryers.

Customer satisfaction is the key to Salvis' success. Delivering safe and high performance catering equipment that enables catering industries and restaurants to save time is a fundamental component of Salvis, as they deeply believe in a maintaining a strong and close bond with their customers.

Boasting a decade of experience and tradition, the Oftringen (Switzerland) based company was originally born through a merge of Franke Foodservice Equipment Ltd and Salvis Lucerne, with quality and innovation always being at the forefront.

Salvis produces commercial cooking equipment with advanced techniques and the latest technologies out of their Switzerland plant, driven by the vision of producing smart cooking solutions.

Salvis is also deeply committed to environmental issues and ensures they utilise their resources responsibility when using and manufacturing equipment. Salvis operates world-wide and exports commercial kitchen equipment to 50 countries. Their international sales and service network of trained technicians was developed in order to assist customers quickly and sufficiently.

The Salvis Salamander Classic Pro and the Hold-O-mat: two smart pieces of catering equipment

Phoeniks' most widely distributed Salvis products include the Salvis Salamander Classic Pro and the Hold-O-Mat, two innovative pieces of catering equipment that are not only convenient, but cook food in a remarkably gentle way.

The Salvis Salamander Classic Pro is one of the most famous products designed and manufactured by Salvis - a compact piece of equipment that cooks au gratin and automatically switches off when food is cooked, making it incredibly versatile in the commercial kitchen space. The Salvis Salamander Classic Pro can also be incorporated into the ceiling hood.

The Salvis Salamander Classic Pro features an automatic plate detection system, detecting bowls and plates and consequently, switching on and off automatically.

The Hold'O'Mat is an energy-saving oven made for commercial kitchens, equipped with a precise humidity and temperature control that guarantees an optimal internal climate and therefore, improves the quality of food.

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