Tournus Equipement: French quality catering equipment

Tournus Equipement is the great French designer and manufacturer of stainless steel catering equipment, with their extensive product range making them one of the most sophisticated and largest catering equipment builders in Europe. Tournus prides itself on assembling different parts of catering equipment in-house, with such a process making communication easier, shortens delivery lead times and leads to more beneficial teamwork.

Producing catering equipment: wide range of products, large units

Tournus Equipement offers more than 3,400 unique pieces of catering equipment designed for commercial kitchens and food trade. With customer service at the core of Tournus, the company offers the opportunity of dealing with a single contact when ordering catering equipment. All pieces of catering equipment are designed to be resistant and long lasting, with equipment including dishwashing tables, pans, sinks, tables, trolleys, handwash basins, floor drains, fish counter, catering units, dustbins and other various products designed for catering industries.

More than 20,000 m² are dedicated to produce thousands of tons of metal each year and most of the production units are automated. Guaranteeing quality deliveries is one of Tournus' main commitments, with all pieces of catering equipment undergoing a test assembly program before being exported. This enables the company to ensure that installation on site will be done under optimum conditions.

A committed catering equipment manufacturer

Furthermore, Tournus has carried out remarkable actions over the last years for the sustainable development, including the calculation of a carbon footprint for the factory. Tournus also train users of items using power and apply the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE). Lastly, every piece of catering equipment is furnished with an environmental technical data sheet.

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