Commercial food display equipment by Vauconsant

Vauconsant commercial kitchen range includes

  • Drop-in cold and hot food display
  • Standalone commercial food display 

Hot or cold? With REVERSO the choice is yours.

The new Vauconsant REVERSO is the only commercial food display able to keep your food either hot or cold. It's an innovation that can save you time, space and money.

A specialist in servery counters and supplies, Vauconsant provides complete solutions for the catering and leisure sectors.

Every Vauconsant commercial kitchen product is designed to achieve technical perfection in maintaining temperature - whether hot or cold –and is designed to achieve the highest level of hygiene and ease of cleaning standards. Vauconsant is the only manufacturer of refrigerated commercial food display cabinets to guarantee a product temperature of +5°C in an ambient environment of +25°C, even after running for 24 hours.

Kruno Velican, Executive Sous Chef, The Westin Sydney
Sydney, New South Wales

"In 2010 we bought 8 Vauconsant ventilated heated cupboards for our large banquet operation. I have found the cupboards reliable. We have not had any technical issues since the day we purchased them. The cupboards heat up quickly and hold temperature well. They are easy to clean, light and easy to transport which is an advantage if business has multiple function rooms and food venues. The customer service that we received was prompt and on a professional level."

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