Catering equipment projects

Phoeniks specialises in the management of commercial kitchen projects of any scale. Our list of clients and projects is diverse, working on several large, medium and small catering equipment projects Australia-wide. Completing commercial kitchens ranging from boutique hotels and restaurants to large catering spaces such as Parliament House kitchen, we have worked with some of the biggest names in the Australian hospitality industry.

Talk to Phoeniks about your next catering equipment project

Managing end-to-end catering equipment projects is a lengthy and in-depth process that requires significant planning. Phoeniks provides customers with advice based upon extensive experience and track record.

Working with our network of kitchen consultants, Phoeniks delivers solutions that provide our customers with the peace of mind in knowing that their project will be precisely planned by a team of experts.  We oversee each aspect of our catering equipment projects carefully, making sure that the right products are recommended and deadlines and objectives are met.

The productivity of your kitchen is our priority

Feedback is essential to our business. Once our catering equipment projects are completed, we spend time with our clients to determine their level of satisfaction. It is our goal to ensure our clients can work faster, smarter and better by using Phoeniks products. The overwhelming majority of our clients are extremely satisfied with the commercial kitchen equipment we have supplied. 

If you would like to know more about any of our catering equipment projects, please contact us.

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