Bennelong (Opera House Sydney NSW)

With Peter comparing the MKN Kuchenmeister to a 'Porsche' and claiming it to be the 'best stove in the world', the final solution consisted of 12 open gas burners, 2 target tops, 1 flat grill, 6 ovens and 2 Grant sous-vide circulators.

Phoeniks products in the project include: MKN custom-made stove, MKN tabletop deep fat fryer, Salvis vitesse salamander, Adventys pastry induction, Kisag stick blender. Thanks to: Peter Gilmore, Rob Cockerill - Bennelong; Anthony Scauso - Platinum Kitchen

Receiving significant media attention, the famed Peter Gilmore custom designed this MKN 'Kuchenmeister' stove based on the requirements of the Bennelong Kitchen. The 3.3m x 2.3m stove is the beating heart of Bennelong's kitchen. Delivered in 3 pieces due to site constraints, the stove was then welded together on site by a specialist MKN technician.

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