Déjà Vue (Melbourne VIC)

Phoeniks products in the project include: MKN Optimameister cooking line, GIF-ActiveVent ventilated ceiling and Salvis vitesse salamander from previous 401 Cafe Vue, plus a brand new MKN FlexiCombi oven MagicPilot, Adventys induction Plancha, Kisag stick blender and HotWhip.

Thanks to: Philippe Mouchel, executive chef

The triumphant return to Melbourne for Philippe Mouchel has prompted this collaboration between Phoeniks and exciting new restaurant 'Déjà Vue'. With Philippe now also acting as Phoeniks' brand ambassador, this pop-up restaurant in the previous 401 Cafe Vue displays a great deal of Phoeniks appliances both large and small. Phoeniks collaborated with Phillipe on the process of selecting the right products to match his unique cooking style.

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