Garden Kitchen and Bar - Gold Coast Queensland

Featuring a Cuisines Designs Commercial Rotisserie, Garden Kitchen & Bar’s menu is designed to treat diners to the best of local fare and regional produce, which Executive Chef Dustin Osuch says is enhanced by the flexibility of Phoeniks’ products in being able to cook different types of protein, from single steaks and fish fillets, to legs of lamb.

“The Cuisines Design Rotisserie is a centrepiece, and the first thing that our diners see when they glance into the open kitchen. It also adds a great theatrical element to the experience for our guests,”

says Chef Dustin.

The modern design is “easy to use and very straightforward” in accommodating for their busy kitchen that can service more than 600 covers per night.

The open plan kitchen also includes an MKN SpaceCombi Oven, which although compact in size, allows for great flexibility when steaming vegetables, finishing steaks, or hot holding large format proteins at a specific temperature without overcooking.

“In a volume restaurant like Garden Kitchen & Bar, it is imperative that we are able to cook efficiently, and the MKN oven has allowed us to do that. It is extremely easy to use and it fits neatly under the bench to provide great support to our grill station,”

says Chef Dustin.

A restaurant designed to bring the outdoors in, Garden Kitchen & Bar located in Queensland revolves around a lush setting and open plan kitchen. Opening in January 2016, Garden Kitchen & Bar forms part of Jupiters Gold Coast’s iconic $345 million transformation heralding a new era for the property and dining options in the Queensland region.

The Garden Kitchen & Bar  was a collaboratively effort with kitchen consultant John Thomas of Sangster Design Group

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