Australian Parliament House (Canberra ACT)

Phoeniks products in the project include: GIF-ActiveVent ventilated ceiling, MKN FlexiChefs pressurised brat pans, Kisag stick blender Thanks to: Ken Sangster - Sangster Design Group; Chris Arrell - Hospitality Total Services; Trevor Tsiouris - ACT Stainless Steel

For this iconic Australian landmark project, Phoeniks delivered a ventilated ceiling in 2 separate stages to the brand new 330 square meter kitchen. Also delivered was one of the first MKN FlexiChef products in Australia, 2 high pressurised brat pans allowing kitchen staff to cook wet dishes and stews three times faster than traditional brat pans. The MKN FlexiChef is the only "self-cleanable" brat pan on the market.

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