The Source (MONA Hobart Tasmania)

The project featured Australia's first fully custom-made MKN Kuchenmeister commercial cooking range, equipped with commercial induction cookers, designed in close coordination with Executive Chef Philippe Leban.

Phoeniks also provided additional equipment in the form of a ventilated ceiling from GIF ActiveVent and a Salvis Vitesse Salamander. Due to the space restrictions in The Source kitchen, the slimline GIF ActiveVent ventilated ceiling provided the perfect solution to the space issue, whilst meeting Philippe's needs and requirements.

Phoeniks products included in the project include: GIF ActiveVent ventilated ceiling, MKN Kuchenmeister custom made stove, Salvis salamander, Brunner vegetable cutting machine, Kisag HotWhip.

This project fully showcased Phoeniks' capabilities, providing an end-to-end solution for The Source located at MONA in Hobart. Collaborating closely with Philippe Leban to design the commercial kitchen environment, our consultants and kitchen contractors finalised the concept and also installed the entire commercial kitchen.

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